Table of Contents
"What They Don't Teach You at Stanford Business School

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Damned if you do, damned if you don't go to B-school

How Star Fleet Academy Is Like An MBA
Navigate the MBA Waitlist

Ch 2: Treasure Management
10 VCs and Their Secret FICO Score

Creative Founder Financing

Ten Tips for Founder to Improve FICO

Collection 101: How to Collect Money

St. Pat's Day 24-7-365: 12 Steps to Finding Founder's Gold

Hack Your Credit Rating

How to Build Good Credit for Your Business

Ch 3: Cut and Paste Other People's Work (Legally)
Cut and Paste Other People's Work

Ch 4: Networking, Kissing Butt and Crashing Parties
Networking: How to Work a Twitter Party

How to Work the Room

How to Work a Stadium

Hacking Foo Camp

Crashing SXSW
Man Charm a VC
Party Crashing, Entrepreneurship and SXSW

Crashing the American MBA Party

How To Work a Facebook Party

How to Work a Twitter Party, Take 2

How to Work a Cocktail Party

How to Work the Room

Networking: How to Work a Twitter Party


Getting ”Man-Charm”

Web 2.0 Celebrity Missteps: How not to work the room

Hacking Spring Training

Ch 5 Mentorship- {Leveraging OPE, Reading People and Managing Upwards}
9 Hollywood Agents You Don't Wanna Meet

Presidential Timber

11 Characters You Meet at SXSW

A Dozen B-School Students You Don't Wanna Meet

How To Read People — the Character Compass Method

Party Promo to Generate Leads for Mentors

9 VCs You're Gonna Want to Avoid

8 Tips On How To Get Mentored

9 People You Meet at Y-Combinator

Ch 6: Sales. {20 Years + 20 Books + 20 Movies} = One Hour of Reading
The Art of Cold Calling

How to Close a Deal Via Text Message

How to Give Good Phone

The New Business of Booty Calling

How to Turn Your Revenues Up As Economy Goes Down

Wooing People to Yes

Lost Art of Closing a Deal via Voicemail

Get Your Startup Out of Pre-Revenue!

8 Deadly Promotion Pitfalls

Ch 7: The Sex Chapter.
Strategic Girlfriend Management Tips

Ch 8: Get Lucky: The Karma Chapter

Ch 9 – Entrepreneurship.
Bossy Know-It-Alls Failing – - the Woes of VCs Turned Entrepreneur

Business School Is Not a Safety Net to Entrepreneurship

8 Party Complainers to Skip at Entrepreneurs' Party

Don't be Asse9 on April Fools

The Art of Being a Booth Babe

Hacking Entrepreneurship Conferences

Get Your Startup Out of Pre-Revenue

8 Things Sarah Lacy Could Learn From Founders She Covers

Nine Signs of a One Hit Wonder

How to Build Good Credit for Your Business

How to Start a Business at Baseball's Spring Training

Hack an AfterParty - An Exercise in Entrepreneurship

Ch 10: Lies, Business Fibs, Urban Legends and How to Interrogate
8 Lies Bestselling Authors Tell

How To Write a NY Times Bestseller

9 Lies Told at NSA
13 Lies Told at Web 2.0 Expo

Ch 11: Failing Forward {Dealing with HARDSHIP}
What a SuperModel Can Teach a Stanford MBA

The Art of Getting Fired

Increase Your Credit Score After Losing Your Job

10 Biggest VC Mistakes

9 Biggest Mistakes of VCs Turned Entrepreneurs

Navigating Bad Entrepreneurial Fortune

Ch 12. Street Smarts
The Art of Hijacking a Film Festival, Conference or Convention

What They Don't Teach You At the NSA
Acing the National Speakers Association Convention
7 Mistakes of the B-Schooler Abroad

The Art of Moderating a Panel in the Partial Attention Economy

How To Hack Into Moderating a SXSW Panel

What I Learned at Finovate, I Could Not Learn at B-School

Hack into Hollywood: How to Star in a Video Game

Hack Web 2.0 Expo

How To Work a Conference as a Hottie

SXSW Film vs SXSW Interactive
SXSW Interactive Summarized
The Art of Changing the Deal

7 Things I Am Learning at New York Fashion Week
Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue Teaches What B-School Can't

Learning at Ted2009

Ten Things I Learned About Making Money (at an Internet Marketing, Las Vegas Conference)

My 10 Best B-Schools and How They Can Help You Too

Millionaire to Billionaire – 8 hours with Mark Cuban

How to Hack BlogWorld – 21 Lucky Tips

Post Conference Follow-Up Tips

Web 2.0 Summit Nuggets

How To Get On the Amazon Bestseller List

Ch 13: Dumb It Down. Sandbag for Success

Ch 14. You Actually Wanna Go To Stanford But Redact
9 Things They Don't Teach You at B-School