Don't be Asse9 on April Fools

by Larry Chiang on December 12, 2009

Larry Chiang gets goosebumps when a great conference like Web 2.0 Expo launches entrepreneurs’ careers. If you liked 13 Lies Told at Web 2.0 Expo“, “How to Work a Conference as a Hottie” and The Art of Being a Booth Babe“, you’ll love his latest work of art. It qualifies as art because it’s a blog post, a party, a secret society and a karmic gift to you.

Luck9 is “Latin Underground Credit Knowledge 9″ and is Larry’s next next company.

There’s an afterParty http://tinyurl.com/web20afterParty


My Mentor’s Book.


My sequel to McCormack’s book comes out 09-09-09

In the spirit of starting a business in your dorm room (google UCMS dot com), toppling a monopoly known as FICO for less than $50k (google Duck9)  and rallying behind the #1 rated panel at SXSW*: “VC Secrets, Plan B for Fundraising”, Larry shows us how to launch a company with a big party and make money doing it. Behold, “Launch Party 2.0. Don’t be Asse9 on April Fools”.

By Larry Chiang

San Francisco, California– April 1st —


Huh? It’s not only the producer, it’s a motto. It’s asinine to go into debt to launch. It’s Asse9 to not own 100% of your company. Its Asse9 not to own 100% of You Incorporated.

Like so many things Web 2.0, there’s no user manual on how to launch a company. Well, read on my entrepreneurial friend, if you want to understand how companies will launch now and in the future.

Launch Party 2.0 will make money celebrating the launch of ten start-ups: AD-VillageAdept Marketing Concepts, Bantam Networks, DubMeNow, Financial Content Services, GirlGamer, NitobiWooMeOver, zeaLOG, and 80legs.

Its theme is similar to Holiday Party 2.0, where the hosts made a few grand and rallied press coverage all while celebrating Holiday cheer. For example, JS-Kit’s CEO, Khris Loux, was interviewed on air by CBS and ABC News. Another example of a dual CBS/ABC News interviewee was Marissa Louie, CEO of AD-Village. She remarked, “While we will miss the melting ice sculptures, we’re going to invest every cent into our staff and our operating budget.”

NEWS: Launch Party 2.0 will be announced as an official Community Event at Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco.

The event is April 1st, 10pm-1am at Club Six in San Francisco at 6th and Jessie Street. Look for it on the Twitter or the Google at #launch20. #Asse9 sounds dirty but is actually educational.

Admission to Launch Party 2.0 is $20, but FREE if you copy and paste this into Twitter: “I’m going to Launch Party 2.0 at Web 2.0 Expo. RSVP at http://tinyurl.com/party20 #w2e #launch20 #asse9″

RSVP here.

There’s an afterParty http://tinyurl.com/web20afterParty

Disclaimer: I am hosting the afterParty.

This post was cranked out in about an hour so email me if you see a spelling or grammatical error(s)… larry@larrychiang com


Larry’s book releases 09-09-09 and is on the waitlist to get onto the NY Times bestseller list.

Larry Chiang founded Duck9. It hacked the Fair Issac credit algorithm and educates college students on how to establish and maintain a FICO score over 750. Fair Issac claims the national average is over 700. Larry revealed to members of Congress in January that the real average is 535.

He man-charmed his way into Congress to testify on credit and the World Bank on China Credit Bureau Mistakes, China Debit Reporting Analysis and credit model derivations.

He is a frequent contributor to BusinessWeek’s blog on “What They Don’t Teach You at Business School“. For fun, Larry writes, attends tech conferences and hoops it up at Stanford’s Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation. Text or call him during office hours 11:11am or 11:11pm PST +/-21 minutes at 650-283-8008.

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