Larry Chiang, Rian Stone and Rich Cooper Mentor You to Do The Work by SELLING YOUR FIRST THING

by Larry Chiang on April 11, 2020

By Larry Chiang 

I think this means selling. I know sales is so hard that the euphemism distribution is used. Businesses die when there is not enough sales coming in. Distribution is tough because sales is hard to do when it’s your first try. 

Wanna practice?

Sales. #sellStuffSaturday It’s an exercise that me and ⁦‪@garyvee encourage you to do. Can you sell your first first thing? Jumping into a career is sales might be intimidating. 

Try to actually get out of your own head. 

Can you go beyond the intellectual overview and do the work? The majority of people just squirm at the thought of selling one thing. So many smart people die poor die P.h.D. [Poor Helpless Destitute] 

Stop taking paper notes on this stuff and let us get you into the game!!
In the comments, tell me
-~> how you used to be like this 60
Year Old business virgin 
-~> what was the first thing you sold?
-~> did you google Braun power cord 7030458 to sell it first and then buy one
Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
⁦‪@garyvee‬⁩ #SellStuffSaturday!

As per ⁦‪@paultoo‬⁩’s seminal YC advice, “sell it first and then make it”, here is a practice to sell it first for $60-75 and then buy it for $30

Practice for #cs183e Lec 7
Lec 1-11 #cs183s
{7030458 Braun Power cord pic.twitter.com/EblpN7ZoQM

Practice what Stanford engineers practice: Sell one. 
Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)

YC is y-Combinator. A lot of their businesses died because they refused to “do things that don’t scale” https://www.paulgraham.com/ds.htm

[1] “sell your first 7030458 and then buy 7030458”

[2] Sell it first and then make it

During engineering school, your first summer should the internship that is a sales internship. Summer after your freshman year, you do not know enough engineering to be valuable. So, sell. 

Erin and Katheryn took their Ivy education and hustled. They used their sales skills to enter a sold out Guardsmen fundraising party called Derby Days

Tech sales is hard because of the sales and the engineering. But, that’s why you make middle six figures so you can spend $5500 on a sweet one bedroom 

3-ways are a lot work that you don’t get to do unless you do the initial work

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