Knowledge Activation

Instead of book signings, I do knowledge activation parties.

How it works is this… I pick a chapter and make it into a theme. For example, Chapter 2 is “Treasure Management” so I would host a venture capital party such as the one I am doing in Austin TX.

Another example is Chapter 6, which is on sales, so we host an event for salespeople to eat Fraiche Yogurt at Tresidder on campus at Stanford and get mentorship on sales. Kevin Xu’s recap here.

The last example is Chapter 9 on Entrepreneurship. I host an entrepreneur event where pre-entrepreneurs, moonlighters and pre-founders can network (Ch4) to find a mentor (Ch5). It is fun and educational AND entertaining. Plus we cold-call tier one bloggers to come (Ch6).

In short, you pick one of the chapters for a themed party/event/keynote/conference… and I come. If it is cool enough I don’t charge you- –

…and if its uber cool, I will try to crash your party. My goal is to create an event for you that me and my friends wanna crash.

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