8 Party Complainers To Skip at Entrepreneurs' Party

by Larry Chiang on December 12, 2009

Larry Chiang gets gets to the core and leverages great conferences like Web 2.0 Expo – It launches entrepreneurs’ careers. If you liked “Launch Party 2.0. Don’t be Asse9 on April Fools“, “13 Lies Told at Web 2.0 Expo“, “How to Work a Conference as a Hottie” and “The Art of Being a Booth Babe“, you’ll tolerate his poking fun at the plus one you bring to his “Official Web 2.0 Expo AfterParty“. And yes, the rumor is true,… he just got booked to do The After-Party for Sundance Film Festival, Jan 23rd, 2010 in Park City Utah.

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Tolerate the self promotion because there are at least a half dozen nuggets of knowledge and at least three hearty belly laughs in “8 Party Complainers To Skip at Entrepreneurs’ Party”.

By Larry Chiang

San Francisco, California– March 31st —

I host a party to do one thing. Migrate up the best talent and character compass the guestlist. Entrepreneurship is like popcorn – it should pop, its engineered to pop…, but some just refuses to pop. I wanna a big fluffy batch of popcorn and that means separating out the bad seeds before they go in the popper.

My means of doing this is vis a via a soiree. Think of this as the new venture capital model for figuring out what deals to chip in on. The old model was to meet an intro and take it to coffee. The new model is meet them and put them under duress at a party.

Yes, entrepreneurship is like a party. This article is #4 of 5 in a series with the focus, “How Entrepreneurship is Like a Party”.

In this article, I reveal “8 Party Complainers To Skip at Entrepreneurs Party”

-1- COMPLAINT: This Party is So Random.

There’s not the same structure to entrepreneurship as there is in the corporate world. I don’t host corporate parties.

CONCLUSION: Entrepreneurship is dynamic.

-2-   COMPLAINT: Why didn’t you publish a location and do an evite.

Spoon feeding an invite (or G-vite if you like beta products that break)  just does not seem cool for a secret society of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is storming a beachhead that isn’t mapped out perfectly.

CONCLUSION: Entrepreneurship is messy.

-3- COMPLAINT: Is it open bar here?!

“Why isn’t it?! You have all these sponsors. Where is the open bar.”

There is one. Its just that you’re not invited.

CONCLUSION: Entrepreneurship is layered and secretive.

-4- I won a sponsorship. What do I get?

It is a $3k sponsorship. It was free. Don’t expect the same services as provided to a platinum sponsor.

CONCLUSION: Entrepreneurship is messy and requires calling a bunch of people. It involves “closing a deal via voicemail“. I read about it at GigaOm. It is a post I refer to and retweet at least once per month.

Entrepreneurship is about closing deals and SELLING.

-5- COMPLAINT: You invited me here and now you’re not spending any time with me.

CONCLUSION: Entrepreneurship is lonely and scary.

-6- COMPLAINT: I got there and no one was there.

CONCLUSION: Entrepreneurship doesn’t always start on time.

-7-  COMPLAINT: why couldn’t you start this party earlier (than 11pm).

CONCLUSION: Entrepreneurship requires stamina.

-8-  COMPLAINT: Your List Was Full.

Entrepreneurship is about being #2 on a bunch of lists. There is no VIP line. There are existing companies with existing vendors. You need to bump someone to start-up your company.

CONCLUSION: Entrepreneurship is about Second Supplier Gambit.

-9-  COMPLAINT: Why didn’t you publish a location and do an evite.

CONCLUSION: Entrepreneurship is storming a beachhead that isn’t mapped out perfectly.


Entrepreneurship is confusing

Entrepreneurship is reciprocal

Entrepreneurship is planning ahead

Entrepreneurship is about working your plan B

Entrepreneurship is dynamic.

“Plans change after you get hit in the face,” Mike Tyson, my entrepreneur mentor. He is effen genius.

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This post was cranked out in about an hour so email me if you see a spelling or grammatical error(s)… larry@larrychiang com


Larry’s book releases 09-09-09 and is on the waitlist to get onto the NY Times bestseller list.

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