How to Work a Stadium

by Larry Chiang on December 11, 2009

Larry Chiang studies how celebrities, presidents and mascots build a fan base. This week is Major League Baseball’s All-Star game where he is covering the festivities in St. Louis remotely. This is a follow-up post to his MLB Spring Training coverage
By Larry Chiang

Lou Seal works a stadium really well.

I’ve been told I’m an uber networker. It’s not a compliment all the time, but I’m not one to contradict other people’s observations.

At the last SF Giants game, I did a little observing on my own and I spotted a rising celebrity networking: Lou Seal.

He works an entire stadium and I break down his genius strategies for doing so.

-1- He Moves.

-2- He Makes You Laugh.

-3- He Hands Out Free Stuff.

-4- He Leverages His TWO Dance Manuvers.

-5- He Builds An Impromptu Entourage

-6- He Is Obnoxious But He Knows His Limits

-7- He Lets the Stadium Work Him.

-8- He Never Misses a Photo Op

-9- He Never Touches His PDA.

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