Hotness and Who Mentors Hot People

by Larry Chiang on July 27, 2019

By Larry Chiang

When you’re hawt, you start subconsciously asking: “What can I do with my hotness”. THIS pattern is similar to when talented athletes don’t work hard and study the history of their sport. 

It’s the alpha of the same sex parent that must reel and reign you in. What I mean is that if you’re a hot girl, the mother has to mentor you on being a hot female. If you’re a #LarryChiang, you gotta have a dad that’s says genius shitake like “Good looks on a man is like fur on a pussywillow”. 

To clarify , I am a boy and hot. So, #TomChiang had to mentor me about being useful and valuable even though I had a hot face. 

For example Christine. She had Mrs Brady mentor her on adding a boatload of value outside of supermodel features with a tidal wave of evidence that she was of high SMV. 


#highSMVbuddies FTW

High Sexual Market Friends FTW 

Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang)
⁦‪@sambotta‬⁩ This frame?

Maybe she swiped the basil pic.twitter.com/dqCRW7hkE5

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