Mastering 2 Books Only vc’s Read

by Larry Chiang on December 13, 2017

By Larry Chiang

two books. “CryptoAssets” by Chris Burniske and Startup Boards by Brad Feld. CryptoAssets is the foundation for guessing at “underwriting crypto currencies” while Startup Boards is about governance. We as females can join more boards if we pay attention to #Chap21, #Chap22 and #Chap23. These two books blend together. These two books combine to form “getting paid in crypto currency”

In short, we as female engineers should not be risking money to make money. ie buying Bitcoin with our post tax [💵fiat currency]. We should be getting paid in crypto assets as we advise. We should be getting deals given to us that are all upside. 

In a word eaten by computer-code, why are we asking men in venture cap for permission to fund us!?! 

Code Like A Girl (@Code_LikeAGirl)
2% of Venture Funding Goes to Women-led Ventures. This being said, it comes as no surprise that women startup founders raise only 2% of all venture funding, despite owning 38% of US businesses.

Here’s 40 women you can follow and amplify to help change it!
buff.ly/2kZuOFk pic.twitter.com/et9vYVmf70

If fiancé has been eaten by code, why are we asking men in finance for permission

Why are we asking for office hours? We should be be doing accelerated networking via mentor mind meld protocols as outlined by Sandy Lerner and Barbara Tuchman

megan quinn (@msquinn)
We received 550 applications from women founders for SF office hours. Thrilled to be taking this on the road to NYC & LA…sign up! twitter.com/msquinn/status…

We really only have one set of clear rules and laws. Let us make the best of current 🇺🇸. The future ABSOLUTELY has arrived. It’s just like Barbara Tuchman mentored: “We need to win this current war. Citing that, 2% of Venture Funding Goes to Women-led Ventures feels a lot like the war of 1999-2017

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