Fast Company Davos Dialogues

by Larry Chiang on January 9, 2020

HCL 2030 and Fast Company invite you to join us at the #FCDavosDialogues 

Breakfast Panels January 22-24

07:30 – 08:30am

HCL Pavilion 

Promenade 115, 

Davos Patz 7270     

Join us for the “Davos Dialogues”, featuring captivating conversations with innovation drivers and change agents at leading forward-looking organizations, moderated by Fast Company editor-in-chief, Stephanie Mehta.


Silicon Valley and HBO

by Larry Chiang on December 9, 2019


If Student Loan Officers Were Honest

December 7, 2019

By Larry Chiang  College debt is a way to immediately be on the wrong side of the interest rate equation. Popular opinion said there is a ROI [return on investment] to college debt.  Student loan payments will keep you from baseball  Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang) 12/20/16, 6:29 PM I solved college student, credit card debt. […]

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The 4th and 5th #ShitcoinTurnaround

November 28, 2019

My friends, Hunter Satterwhite and Kimberly Terca, reminds me to remind myself to be President on the platform that we can acquire 2 islands, Cuba and UK. Yes, make 🇺🇸 clawback Cuba and bring England back into the fold. [Remember, if Tom Chiang and Carol Chiang love with me, you cant discern if I’m a […]

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What Makes Bitcoin So Unstoppable at $7171

November 22, 2019

By Larry Chiang Let’s study buddy Andreas M Antonopoulos.  His preso- What Makes Bitcoin So Unstoppable https://youtu.be/7wBRUM2TSZY Sent from my personal, 650-283-8008, number that Steve Jobs texted me on

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Access to Business School for Near Zero Cost

September 30, 2019

By Larry Chiang The truth that I understand and have massive confidence in, that few others know: “You can access b-school by sending kiss ass mail and kiss butt emails.” Kiss. Ass. Via. Mail.  Larry Chiang @duck9 (@LarryChiang) 11/14/18, 10:06 AM Warren Buffet got his GMAT (& app) waived because he wrote good mail as […]

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Hotness and Who Mentors Hot People

July 27, 2019

By Larry Chiang When you’re hawt, you start subconsciously asking: “What can I do with my hotness”. THIS pattern is similar to when talented athletes don’t work hard and study the history of their sport.  It’s the alpha of the same sex parent that must reel and reign you in. What I mean is that […]

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Mastering 2 Books Only vc’s Read

December 13, 2017

By Larry Chiang two books. “CryptoAssets” by Chris Burniske and Startup Boards by Brad Feld. CryptoAssets is the foundation for guessing at “underwriting crypto currencies” while Startup Boards is about governance. We as females can join more boards if we pay attention to #Chap21, #Chap22 and #Chap23. These two books blend together. These two books combine to […]

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Elves / Larry Chiang / @larryChiang / 650-283-8008

September 24, 2017
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Bitcoin Enemies

September 18, 2017

Francis Pouliot (@francispouliot_) 9/14/17, 8:17 AM List of known Bitcoin ennemies: -communist central banks-crony Wall Street billionnaires-far right nationalist parties Doing it right.

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