Wayyyyyyyy Deep Inside Entrepreneurship #cs183e

by Larry Chiang on September 15, 2017

By Larry Chiang

Okay. I love the entire premise of Ben Horowitz’ book. Hard Thing About the Hard Things. 

But #chap8 sucked

#Chap8 was all easy. That chapter was “the easiest part about the kinda unimportant” Re gossip about whether to sell a startup-to-fortune-500-tire-kickers

I loved every chapter EXCEPT for the “there are no rules” because I (& my mentor) have compiled so many rules. Those rules are counterintuitive. If you violate 100+, you’re automatically dead. Ben actually writes about 100++ “rules” Re Hard Thing About the Hard Things

Like any masterpiece, an editor needs to step in and say, “Ben, it’s a masterpiece without #chap8.” So, stop painting. 


PS me and Ben are from the Midwest. We got wind of Bens book launch at Sxsw. We all bought his book and 20 of “us Wisconsin-ites”, tweeted at him and begged him to come sign books. So, after he didn’t show, we went with our PlanB because we Midwesterners are survivors 😉

PPS lol, I should rewrite his #chap8 with: “Rules for winning any conference with a $300 budget doing seemingly hard things that are okay if you break down the mountain into digestible tasks

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