Kelly Smith and Pretty Silicon Valley People

by Larry Chiang on June 9, 2016

DqjuL4ML_normal.jpg Kelly Smith (@ksmithemerald)
10/14/15, 8:11 AM
“You know there is a bubble when the pretty people show up” vanityfair.com/news/2015/08/i…

By Larry Chiang

Seems like my Twitter friend Kelly is into pattern recognition.

Being a supermodel in Silicon Valley forced me to engineer up plausible deniability in the face of an inalienable truth: I am super hawt

Making cold calls to VCs and bloggers to sell them on Stanford Daily print advertising. Because it’s funny and effective as a sales practice.

So I used my reptile brain and came up with Lec 13. #cs183e. My Super (Entrepreneurship) Model. Lecture 13

This is Lec 20

Google or YouTube search it.

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