CS 183(D)

by Larry Chiang on September 25, 2014

By Larry Chiang
In college, you pay to take a class. Some old person teaches.
In my world, you get VCs to pay you to pitch. It’s called “ReverseVC”. In my world, you don’t do a Thiel Fellowship, you do a Mark McCormack “fellowship” and attain ZeroPointSix millionaire after junior year.
If you’re at Waterloo, UofT or UBC, that is third year.
In the real world, you bang out code you copy pasted off of GitHub and StanckOverFlow, do a couple hundred API calls and take your buck-Twenty ($120k / year)
Lemme tell you: living on $10k a month sucks. Let’s use entrepreneur / VC / startup parlance-jargon-lingo to call that, “THE PROBLEM”
The problem = I want more cash money. The problem = taking a CS class more fluffy than an MBA class costs me time and money. The problem: Imma distracted Stanfurdh kid

here is the solution:

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
#cs183D = class that no one teaches. No one talks. You just secretly *DO*. #cs183B‘s sequel class to the prequel #CS183

CS 183(b) is fall quarter, 2014

CS 183 was spring quarter 2012
CS 183(d) is #CS183D
CS 183(e) is “edit”
Like an oldddddd ncaa athlete, I coach you. The admin professors have us brainstorming and dreaming.
The admin professors have us “taking big risks for a unicorn exit”
The admin professors kinda don’t want us to be rich cuz they just talk and are jealous of kids that *DO* #sseLabs
As your coach, I am gently persuading you to
– Read postmortems and fix ’em up
– Follow your effort not your passion
– Build your business execution muscles
– Enter a situation with only upside.
Peter Thiel. All upside teaching CS 183
Sam Altman CS 183B is all upside
– I’m a no body named LARRY CHIANG and I’m telling you listen real careful when they say, “Take a risk”
Remember, before you direct a Hollywood hit, you cut your teeth editing. Editing films helps you be a better director because you know which film you keep and what shots stay on the editing room floor. Edit. Other. People’s. Startup.
switching gears…
Look, there is a reason why Paul Graham is burning his “Makers Schedule” THURSDAY SEPT 25, 2014, 1:10pm, to do a 70 min lecture on “Do things that don’t scale” (http://bit.ly/pgrahamCh6)… He is BEGGING you to have #Ch6 skills (sales and promotion skill. Although he never says sales or marketing in the “Do things that don’t scale” (http://bit.ly/pgrahamCh6) article
I bet PG spent 10 hours preparing it!
Memorize the bit.ly link
Tom Kosnik begged us to, “Reduce startup premature death”. It’s why I made a bit.ly on Paul Graham’s link 13 months before the CS 183B, Lecture 2
#CS183D leverages a Geoffrey Moore book concept. It is called “Crossing the Chasm From the Right”
(If you can’t find his book on Amazon it’s because I had to extrapolate. Heck I needed the knowledge of an MBA back when I didn’t know fin, accy and OB. Stramgt = useless 😉 so I extrapolated an MBA by reading the MBA books at 655 Knight
So the 235 step SOLUTION is that you take some YC portfolio company that’s in the dead heap. Apply the CTCFTR video. Run *basic* business subroutines the general population sees as hashtags-to-gloss-over. Do things that don’t scale. Get featured on the internal YC reddit. Skip having to apply to YC cuz YC is recruiting you.
Put that Clinkle startup idea down…,
…resuscitate #99dresses or 70 other YC portfolio company ideas THAT FAILED. Bitchezz, I’ll see you on the #CS183D twitter feed
Larry, out.

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