SXSW, Yoga Jounal, Jivamukti, Cash, SELF-fund SXSW

by Larry Chiang on July 22, 2014

Larry Chiang gets a lot done at parties and has a JBA (Jedi in Business Administration) and after a Harvard event, they wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“. He taught an entrepreneurship class at Stanford University and parties with a purpose


Larry ChiangNAPA, CALIF.

By Larry Chiang

Disclosure:By Larry Chiang
Larry, here. I’m a practitioner. Here on the front lines of entrepreneurship.

Sorry the blog is staccato.

Bursts of insight from the front. I’m hunkered down here on my iPhone. On university avenue. Steve Blank said to “get out of the Ivory Tower” so I practice. Practice my entrepreneurship like Luke Skywalker practices with a light sabre…

SXSW, Yoga Jounal, Jivamukti, Cash, SELF-fund SXSW


I believed when I was a wee baby entrepreneur that I could have a FICO score the size of a 40 year old millionaire I beat the FICO and self funded http://www.duck9.com/blog/entrepreneurship/beat-the-fico/ So did my co-founder. Matt Smith.

SXSW, Yoga Jounal, Jivamukti, Cash, SELF-fund SXSW in reverse chronological order Self fund SXSW. Your trip should pay for itself before you fly from SFO to Austin AUS with revenue.

Cash. RMRMRE / InternalEscrow / OneWayLetterOfIntent under “Reduce Sales Friction.
Jivamukti. It is an under promoted form of Yoga. Jan 17, use the free Starwood hotel stay at St Regis to meet me (in the lobby BUT YOU MUST HAVE A ROOM)
Yoga Journal. YJ Learn how to promote at YJ Launch something at YJ YJ is like SXSW. But it’s for yoga Yoga is a practice like entrepreneurship.

Winning SXSW is like winning in AAA Columbus baseball. First practice winning YJ Winning SXSW by winning in January in SF (disclosure: I won that year because I won in January at Slim’s neighboring restaurant)

Win with other people’s money by Beating the FICO… http://www.duck9.com/blog/entrepreneurship/beat-the-fico/ Starwood Hotels needs you, the future rich, so get a big free SXSW hotel room using Quora advice Mike Arrington took to get free Westin Hotels http://bit.ly/mmpqq710

Disclosure: I’m a male heterosexual SuperModel.

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