Whartonite Seeks Code Monkey Solved #ENGR145

by Larry Chiang on July 7, 2012

By Larry Chiang

THE PROBLEM: “Whartonite Seeks Code Monkey” has reached Internet meme proportions.


My solution is “three quarters baked.”

Larry Chiang ✰ (@LarryChiang) 7/5/12 12:51 PM I’m cray cray enough to think I can get undergrads to teach MBAs #WTDoTYASES #ENGR145 #whartonSF

Via this blog post, let’s fully bake AND execute AND launch this thing.

“WTDoTYASES” = ‘What They DO Teach You at Stanford Engineering School.’

Undergrad #ENGR145 Alums Teaching Wharton MBAs solves the problem of ‘Whartonite Seeks Code Monkey’

Remember, I’m the person who solves problems versus makes fun of people for their problems. Making fun of Wharton MBAs seeking technical co-founders is like a four year varsity athlete kicking kids who ride the short bus to high school in the giggle berries.

Not cool engineering undergrads!

It is SO not cool to kick the MBA while they are down.

QUESTION: Larry Chiang who are you and what qualifies you to solve Whartonite Seeks Code Monkey?! Answer: I will answer that using classic “Live Action Business Case Studies” examples…

For example, Steven Blank said VCs need “Steel in their eyes”, so I solved THAT with a hashtag (#mvee4vc) and three parties. mvee4vc is “Minimum Viable Entrepreneur Experience for VC”

For example, Tom Kosnik talks about the problem of “personal business plans”, so I developed ‘Risk Minimization, Risk Mitigation, Risk Elimination via Pattern Recognition, Pattern Replication, Pattern Iteration’.

For example, Steven Blank talks about “getting out of the building”. I solved that problem by concocting up a Gua Gua Guacamole recipe so pre-entrepreneurs & entrepreneurs can pattern replicate Guacamole recipe #8: Promoting at a Conference for no money.

For example, Eric Ries mentions the problem of MVP (minimum viable product). I solved that problem by getting people to launch a lemonade stand like “Larry Chiang Mini Company Concept” (LCMCC with the hashtag #lcmcc) http://bit.ly/buster14512

A LCMCC is less than work than a MVP. And it is more than effective than a MVP.

Btw, “Live Action Business Case Studies” is co-founded at Stanford Engineering. It’s WTDTYAHBS. Harvard still teaches “Antiquated Business Case Studies” 😉

Specifically, the UnOfficial Wharton class called “#ENGR145″ is where engineering class veterans from ENGR 145 (it’s a technology entrepreneurship class started by Tom Byers. It’s legendary. It’s been taught / is taught by Tom Kosnik, Steven Blank, Chuck Eesley and of course Tom Byers at Stanford.

To be clear, it is Engineering 145 Alums (some are still undergrads) Teaching MBAs. The format is three pronged:

-1- Via Videos. 10, 3 minute videos -2- Via Weekend Workshops at #WhartonSF / Philly Exec Ed facility -3- via an Official Class at Wharton* and/or an UnOfficial class at Wharton

*This class will take Wharton from #3, 4 or 5 ranked business school back to #1.

Key takeaways… – Hamster wheel the backend – Lead Gen landing page – Engineering up a tidal wave of momentum – Leveraging API’s – Close deals like a Stanford ENGR undergrad. Or like a 7 year old I mentored at a Giants game where a Wharton alum is still CTO of the Giants :-) 7 year old enters into verbal deal with Larry Chiang

– How to host AfterParties to network for a CTO while you’re the pretend CTO. – Speak at Conferences using the pattern you replicate: “How to Do What Duck9 Does Without Having to Hire Duck9″ BUT YOU REPLACE DUCK9 WITH YOUR COMPANY NAME

Oh, and here is a party invite for you since all y’all love nerd-working parties… Err, networking parties. All y’all love NETWORKING PARTIES… come to the America’s Cup press party that will launch Class Video Number One!!

It’s July 12. Sixth floor. 101 Howard.

THERE. This concept, “Undergrad #ENGR145 Alums Teaching MBAs” via the class ‘#ENGR145′ is now no longer three quarters baked. It’s fully baked :-)

Play three quarters baked the way that Stanford Engineers do. Google “three quarters baked”

DISCLOSURE: The concept “three quarters baked” is itself a sequel concept to Dave McClure’s “half baked” which we played on GoaP (Geeks on a Plane, Shanghai)

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Emergency swings and cutting deals as an 9 year old

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