Solving Puzzle vs Quilt Making Metaphor

by Larry Chiang on April 22, 2012

By Larry Chiang

Ms Tina Seelig has genius inside her book. Just read “InGenius” and it talks about “Puzzle solvers vs Quilt makers”.

Creativity and getting results is the end goal. Making a quilt allows you to stitch together genius. This is similar to a pattern Ive recognized: finding a parade and backing that parade.

I used creative brainstorming skills that the author taught me at ENGR 145 to be creative in how I quilt together up two conferences. For example, I’m quilting together two mega franchises: Oscars and MBFW. MBFW is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I’m doing 11 fashion parties that tie the two together.

Tina Seelig is my creativity and brain storming mentor. She facilitates great classes on brainstorming

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