Larry Chiang, Stanford Dining Bus Boy Applicant.

by Larry Chiang on April 20, 2012

By Larry Chiang

I have this thought where you are going to think I’m joking.

But I’m not.

I am going to be a bus boy. It’s so I can show you I’m willing to do the omega tasks and be omega male. I’m alpha male on this campus pretty often. It’s because I was beta and delta male.

Beta male example: Freshman internship BASES orientation

Gamma male example: event secretary for undergrad VC panel chaired by one undergrad, moderated by a different undegrad

And now omega male. Bus Boy

I really can’t think of any roles where I am an alpha male. Just because I an alpha in your list of people to text message, doesn’t make me alpha in rank. It makes me alpha in ‘who do I give work to’.

I ebb and flow between alpha beta and gamma pretty easily. After the douchie Guardsman auction, where I was sold for THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in front of 500 screaming women, I went and cleaned their tree lot for 12 hours strait.

I watched Tom Chiang do it. Re: PhD MIT Church toilet cleaner. I read that Mike Arrington does it Re puppy shelter pooper scooper.

From here on out.. Refer to me as Larry Chiang, dining hall bus boy (applicant. I wouldn’t want to mis-state my true position)

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