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A li'l post party at #SXSW, Co-host eyes ONLY

This is The AFTERparty at SXSW Sun night March 15

update 6:25pm: THE LIST IS FULL.

: Very near Pangaea where Facebook Party ends. Location details will be text messaged to attendees.
: SXSW party goers in honor of Hugh Forrest, Dave Morin, Gary Vee, Tony Hsieh, and Guy Kawasaki
Co-hosts: Randi Zuckerberg, Brian Solis, Lindsay Ronga, Paul Thompson, Larry Chiang* and more
When: Sun@11:30 p.m. Location to be text messaged @11:15 p.m.
What: The AfterParty. It starts after the party or 11:30pm whichever comes LATER
Theme: Prohab, rest and recouperate
Note: The AfterParty starts after the party so if the party at Facebook is still going..., the afterParty won't start

There will be three entry points
(1) -No Wait- Badged SXSW people who text messaged in their FULL name to "512-775-8100". One person per text message. In lieu of a text message confirm, you can wear the afterparty sticker on your badge.
(2) -Line- The "Queue" for our Euro/Aussie SXSWer is for people we need to confirm and didn't text message in THEMSELVES.
(3) -Waitlist- People who did NOT attend SXSW and did not text message in.

If you're too drunk to READ, call the guest list secretary at 650-283-8008. Party updates, location and forecast of waitlist is at www.twitter.com/LarryChiang

* (plus a secret celebrity co-host)